ASW Executive Board

    Australia's South West's activities are steered by a board comprising tourism operators elected from the membership plus skills based representatives. The committee are representatives of the members and are responsible for:

    • Raising issues for discussion.
    • Undertaking specific tasks as requested and reporting to the committee within agreed time frames.
    • Disseminating information to members.
    • Representing Australia's South West at industry functions.
    • Attending board meetings on a regular basis. 

    Skills Based Board Position

    Dee Smith
    Dee Smith Consulting
    Telephone: 0411 045 439

    Vice Chair
    Skills Based Board Position

    Margaret Wilson 
    CMW Management
    Telephone: 0407 301 708

    Bunbury Geographe Region Representative

    Wayne Hammond
    Oakway Estate
    Telephone: 08 9731 7141

    Great Southern Representative

    Sally Pullin
    The Beach House At Bayside
    Telephone: 08 9844 8844

    Margaret River Region Representative

    Gabrielle McWhirter
    Smiths Beach Resort
    Telephone: 08 9750 1200

       Skills Based Position

        Lenore Lyons

       Telephone: 0429 018 231

    Southern Forests and Valleys Representative

    Louise Stokes

    Holberry House
    Telephone: 08 9756 1276

    Skills Based Board Position

    Mat Lewis
    South West Development Commission
    Telephone: 08 9792 2000


    Regional Representative

    Garry Capelli

    The Lake House Denmark
    Telephone: 08 9848 2444

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