Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay Canyon by Dave & Fiona Harvey

Spectacular beaches and a variety of activities including swimming, surfing, sandboarding, snorkelling, diving, quad biking, and four wheel driving will keep visitors occupied in this popular fishing holiday town. Whales rest in the calm waters from July to November with dolphins frequently spotted. In February and March the Bremer Bay Canyon becomes one of the most prominent hotspots of the southern hemisphere for Killer Wales.

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Fitzgerald River National Park

Recognised as an international biosphere reserve, this park has more than 1,800 beautiful and bizarre species of flowering plants as well as myriads of lichens, mosses and fungi. Explore the wilderness or journey to Point Ann where southern right whales arrive each year from July to November to calve. This whale nursery is 65 kilometres east of Bremer Bay and it’s not unusual to see up to 40 whales at a time.

Blossoms Beach Bremer Bay
Curious Killer Whale
Leafy Seadragon by Bremer Bay Dive

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