Kojonup Visitors Centre at Kodja Place

The Kodja Place is the story of country Australia as experienced by one farming community in South Western Australia. It incorporates state of the art design and technologies with the simple directness of the traditional Noongar style of storytelling.

Built around the “One Story Many Voices”, The Kodja Place includes the farm experience, life on the reserve, the heartfelt stories of early settlers, the aspirations of the young and our hopes for the future.

Sit in the school bus, drive the farm ute, walk the boards of the shearing shed; check the rain gauge and the farm budget.

Outside, lose yourself in a maze of Australian-bred roses while you follow the stories of the three women Yoondi the Noongar, Elizabeth the English settler and Maria the Italian migrant, and watch the evolution of the Australian pergola.

Sit at the Noongar campfire, hear the stories, and meet the people.

Built to strengthen reconciliation between the people that make up this community, the centre has involved hundreds of local people. It was created by the community whose story it presents.

All this has been built around the Kodja – the Noongar stone axe from which Kojonup and the centre draw their name.

143 Albany Highway, Kojonup 6395
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