Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Explore Western Australia’s world famous forest of gigantic tingle trees and take a bird’s eye view of the towering forest from the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, a spectacular lightweight bridge through the forest canopy. The bridge gently ascends into the tree tops 40 metres above the forest floor.

Descend to the boardwalks below and explore the “Ancient Empire Walk” – a grove of impressive veteran tingle trees, some over 400 years old. These are the giants that gave the forest its name – they’re some of the most enormous trees in the world and are only found in the forest surrounding the Valley of the Giants. It’s a peaceful experience, with quiet spots to sit and reflect on the special nature of the tingle forest. This multi award winning attraction provides a unique experience.

Located in Walpole-Nornalup National Park and Walpole Wilderness Area it is 430 kilometres south of Perth, on Highway 1. The park has spectacular landscapes encompassing estuaries, forested hills dissected by rivers, and extensive areas where there is little or no evidence of human activity.

Valley of the Giants Road, , between Walpole and Denmark
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