Cycling along Collie River in Wellington National Park

Tours & Attractions

Australia's South West offers a destination of diversity.  It's a place were the wine, surfing and good West Aussie life-style blend with the solitude of ancient forests and captivating coastline.  Spoilt with a Mediterranean climate and a warm ocean current sitting off the coast we are graced with long summers and mild winters.  With the drive now under one and a half hours south of Perth, the journey is so easy. 
Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks, near Denmark

Spectacular Coastline

The brilliant white sandy beaches of Australia's South West are some of the most impressive in the world. Surrounded by the Indian and Southern oceans the 1,147 kilometres of spectacular coastline varies from tranquil bays to rugged granite headlands.  Best of all, there are plenty of days throughout the year to enjoy the coastline.
Wine with a view, by Krysta Guille

World-Class Wine & Fresh Local Produce

Fantastic food accompanied by great wine is one of the region's true pleasures.  Spanning six distinctive wine regions, annual vintage results continue to exceed expectations and reinforce its reputation as one of the premium wine producing regions of the world.  The Mediterranean climate and close proximity to the ocean creates the ideal grape growing conditions.  The region's reputation as a gourmand's delight has grown over the years.  There are wonderful hand-crafted cheeses, olives and olive oils to purchase from the groves, marron, hand made confectionery, farmers markets, farm gate stalls and a huge selection of vineyard restaurants to try all the region has to offer.
Warren River near Pemberton

Forests & Wildflowers

Almost 80 percent of the plant species in the South West Australia bio-diverse province are found nowhere else.  In fact, our region is one of the top 10 biodiversity hotspots of the world and is the only one in Australia to make this list.  Enjoy scenic drives, walking, hiking and riding through the forests of the region.

Albany Classic Motor Event


Australia's South West entertains you all year round with annual events attracting thousands of visitors. There is something to suit everyone with a calendar packed with sports, entertainment, culture, music, food and wine.

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