Walking Trails

Walking is a great way to experience the natural landscapes of an area and there are a range of walking trails in Australia's South West that pass through some of the region's most beautiful areas. So whether you are after a short stroll or a hiking adventure there is sure to be something to suit your interests and ability.

For more information on the various walking and biking trails in Australia’s South West, visit the TrailsWA website

To ensure you enjoy the region’s many walking trails without impacting on the natural environment, see Leave No Trace Australia for helpful hints and tips.

Bibbulmun Track

One of the most recognised walks in the region is the Bibbulmun Track which stretches for nearly 1,000 kilometres between Kalamunda in Perth and Albany on the south coast. Opened on the 13th of September 1998 the award-winning Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's great long distance walk trails.

One of the most recognised walks in the region is the which stretches for nearly 1,000 kilometres between Kalamunda in Perth and Albany on the south coast. Opened on the 13th of September 1998 the award-winning Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's great long distance walk trails.

The track runs through or near the towns of Collie, Balingup, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Walpole and Denmark before finishing in Albany. Along its path are areas of old growth forest, pretty farmland, rugged coastal cliffs and remote beaches. It even passes near some of the regions most popular attractions like the Gloucester Tree in Pemberton and the Tree Top Walk near Walpole.

The Bibbulmun Track can cater for everyone and every experience - from a gentle stroll to an eight week adventure. More...

Walking trails in Australia's South West

Geographe Walking Trails

  • Mangrove Cove - Bunbury
    In the Leschenault Inlet, the southern-most mangroves in Western Australia are home to over 60 species of water bird. Follow the boardwalk that winds its way through the heart of the mangroves and along the edge of the inlet. There is also a shipwreck trail detailing the adventures and mishaps of early explorers.
  • Crooked Brook Forest Wildflower Walk near Dardanup
    Short sealed walk trail that is wheelchair accessible and ideal for viewing wildflowers in spring.
  • O’Reilly Memorial Trail
    Leschenault Peninsula near Bunbury.
  • Blackboy Picnic Site Walk near Harvey
    An easy 1.4 kilometre walk trail with an abundance of wildflower during spring.
  • Formation Trail near Harvey
    An easy walk of only 650 metres which follows the railway formation and Harvey River through the jarrah forest.
  • Logue Brook Dam Kangaroo Walk Trail near Harvey
    A section of the old Bibbulmun Walk Track of about five kilometres in length which runs along the northern side of the dam. Returns you back to your starting point.

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Blackwood River Valley Walking Trails

  • Bridgetown River Walk
    A pleasant walk along the Blackwood River, spot wildflowers in season or feed the ducks.
  • River Walk Trail - Nannup
    A pretty walk along the Blackwood River.
  • Kondil Park Wildflower Walk - Nannup
    The wildflower walk in Kondil Park on the Blackwood River offers spectacular views in spring when the forest floor becomes a carpet of colour.
  • Boyup Brook Town Walk
    A six kilometre walk that takes you around the perimeter of the Boyup Brook township. Suitable for wheelchairs and motorised ‘chariots’ it is a great way to view wildflowers in season.
  • Greenbushes Mining Heritage Walk
    The trail takes in many heritage mining areas and is marked by a triangular badge featuring a miner's safety hard hat and crossed pick and shovel.
    Download the Mining Heritage Walk trail map (PDF 354KB)
  • Greenbushes New Zealand Gully Walk
    Discolver natural waterways, many heritage mining areas, old growth mixed forest, rehabilitation areas and the historic North Greenbushes town site.  This trail is marked by a triangular badge featuring a long necked turtle.
    Download the New Zealand Gully Walk map (PDF 512KB)
  • Greenbushes Loop Walk
    A lovely 15km walk with a five kilometre walk through waterways, heritage, nature and rehabilitation sites.  Then joins the Bibbulmun trail for five kilometres finishing with a five kilometre return to Greenbushes.
    Download the Greenbushes Loop Walk map (PDF 318KB) 

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Margaret River Wine Region Walking Trails

  • Possum Spotlighting Trail Busselton Tuart Forest
    Easy 1.5 kilometre walk that will take about an hour walk beginning at the Layman picnic site. This self-guided trail is designed to be completed at night with a spotlight or large torch, so the nocturnal inhabitants of the tuart forest can be spotted. You are highly likely to see the rare western ringtail possum and the more common brushtail possum. Red reflectors on the trail markers and information plaques guide the way.
  • Bunker Bay to Dunsborough
    An easy walk of 2.5 kilometres through coastal heath, with breathtaking views of the coast. There are several lookouts which whales can be spotted from during September to early December.
  • Cape Naturaliste Track near Dunsborough
    This medium 3.2 kilometre walk starts at the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and travels through small limestone "pinnacles" en route to a stunning whale lookout.
  • Cape to Cape Track
    The Cape to Cape Track covers 140 kilometres between Cape Naturaliste (near Dunsborough) and Cape Leeuwin (near Augusta) and offers walkers breathtaking coastal scenery and the opportunity to enjoy wildflowers from August to November. Between June and December, you can also spot migrating whales while on this walk. The track can be joined at popular spots such as Sugarloaf Rock, Canal Rocks near Yallingup, Injidup Point and Hamelin Bay.
  • Canal Rocks to Wyadup, near Yallingup
    A four kilometre walk of medium difficulty that offers outstanding views along the coast. Walk begins at the car park at the end of Canal Rocks Road.
  • Meekadarabee Falls near Margaret River
    Easy walk of two kilometres that begins at historic Ellensbrook Homestead. This trail has disabled access and ends at the delightful Meekadarabee Falls.
  • Hamelin Bay to Cosy Corner near Augusta
    A medium 13 kilometre, four hour walk with magnificent views. Begins and ends at the Hamelin Bay boat ramp. It involves the negotiation of some short, steep sections.
  • Cosy Corner to Skippy Rock near Augusta
    A challenging 20 kilometre full day hike for experienced walkers. The terrain is magnificent but rugged and involves long stretches of sand and scrambles along narrow rock platforms. Vehicle pick-up essential.
  • Water Wheel to Skippy Rock near Augusta
    Medium walk of three kilometres that takes about one hour to complete. The trail traverses beach, rocks and bush and begins at the Leeuwin Waterwheel, near the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

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Southern Forests Walking Trails

The Cascades Pemberton
An easy 1.2 kilometre, 30 minute loop crossing the Lefroy Brook and The Cascades. Starts and ends at The Cascades car park.
  • Nyoongar Walk Pemberton
    Easy 1.5 kilometre loop starting from the Eastbrook Scenic Drive.
  • Gloucester Tree Walk Pemberton
    Moderate three kilometre walk from the Pemberton town site to the Gloucester Tree.
  • Gloucester Tree to Cascades Walk Pemberton
    A moderate 12 kilometre walk trail from the Gloucester Tree to the Cascades. Passes through karri forest and by Eastbrook Valley.  
  • Big Brook Dam Pemberton
    A paved walk trail of three kilometres that follows the water around Big Brook Dam.
  • Great Forest Trees Walk, Shannon National Park near Pemberton
    A medium eight kilometre, three hour return walk that follows old forestry track. The trail is steep in places, particularly where it crosses the Shannon River. Begins at the trailhead sign, 3.9 kilometres north of the Shannon campsite.
  • Mount Chudalup near Northcliffe
    A very scenic walk to the top of Mount Chudalup. Although only one kilometre in length this walk is of moderate difficulty as some sections are very steep. This walk is not recommended for children, frail people or in windy weather conditions.
  • Northcliffe Forest Park
    Four walking trails have been developed within the beauty of Northcliffe's virgin karri forest. They suit all fitness levels and each one covers a different area. Visitors can choose to follow the Twin Karri Loop, Marri Meander, Gardner River Adventure or Bardi Creek Trails.
  • Point D'Entrecasteaux Cliff Top Walk – Windy Harbour
    A 1.3km (one way) marked walking trail follows the cliff tops around Point D'Entrecasteaux, and has four lookouts with dramatic views over the ocean. Whales can be spotted from here in season.
  • Mount Frankland near Walpole
    A 1.5 kilometre walk trail that meanders around the base of Mount Frankland and through karri forest. A steep one kilometre trail branches off to the top of this granite monadnock.
  • Hilltop Giant Tingle Tree Walk Walpole
    An easy one kilometre walk.
  • Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk and Ancient Empire – Walpole/Denmark
    The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk is the world's longest tree top walkway, rising gently to 40 metres above the forest floor. Walkers move amongst the canopy of old tingle trees. On the forest floor under the walkway is the Ancient Empire boardwalk taking visitors up to the base of the tingle trees, which have the widest girth of any eucalypts in the world - up to 24 metres. Access friendly.
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    Great Southern Walking Trails

    • Karri Walk Denmark
      A pleasant walk winding through a reserve of paperbark, yate and karri, to the inlet. It can be walked one way, or in conjunction with the Mokare Trail. Take your picnic basket and enjoy peace among the trees.
    • Monkey Rock Denmark
      A walk that leads to Monkey Rock, a spectacular granite outcrop on the southern slope of Mt Hallowell. Offers 270 degree views over the surrounding karri forest, southern coastline and Wilson Inlet.
    • Harewood Forest Walk Denmark
      An easy walk of 1.2 kilometres through karri forest.
    • Ellen Cove to Albany Port
      A medium to hard six kilometre return walk. This walk trail includes Middleton Beach and is great for whale watching.
    • Lake Seppings Bird Walk near Albany
      An easy 2.7 kilometre return walk. Facilities include lookouts and seating along the trail, a bird hide, educational signage, gravel trail surface and boardwalks. Wheelchair accessible.
    • Bald Head Walk - Torndirrup National Park near Albany
      A strenuous 16 kilometre return walk over Isthmus Hill and Limestone Head, finishing at Bald Head, the most eastern point of the park. Offers great coastal views and is a good place for spotting whales.
    • The Blowholes - Torndirrup National Park near Albany A medium difficulty 1.5 kilometre walk to the coast where a crack line in the granite "blows" air and occasionally spray. Take care in coastal areas as ocean can be unpredictable.
    • Sharp Point Coastal Trail - Torndirrup National Park near Albany

      Easy 500 metre trail to the coast. Facilities include lookouts, educational signage with an uneven sealed surface. Special features are the views along the steep inaccessible coastline and the small islands just offshore.
    • Porongurup and Stirling Ranges
      Pleasant and easy walking tracks lead to many of the peaks in the Porongurup Range, which offers stunning views out across the landscape. Birdwatching is popular here and there are plenty of excellent picnic spots. These walks are ideal for spotting rare and unique wildflowers (in season). The Stirling Range offers more of a challenge with five of the peaks rising over 1,000 metres.
    • Devil's Slide - Porongurup National Park
      A four kilometre return walk that takes about two hours. This walk suits people of medium fitness but is not recommended in wet conditions due to slippery rocks.
    • Hayward Peak - Porongurup National Park
      This is a three kilometre return walk trail of medium difficulty which leads to the top of Hayward Peak.
    • Castle Rock - Porongurup National Park
      A three kilometre return walk that takes two hours. This walk trail is of medium difficulty and leads to the famous balancing rock and continues to stand on Castle Rock.
    • Bluff Knoll - Stirling Range
      The climb to the top of Bluff Knoll is a challenging five kilometre return walk which takes three to four hours if taken slowly. On a clear day the views are well worth the climb. Always check weather conditions before commencing this walk.

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