Blackwood River Valley Region Wildflowers

Bridgetown - Greenbushes

From August through to November, wild flowers are abundant in the Blackwood River Valley. The best places to view the beautiful wildflowers of the south west are in Bridgetown and Greenbushes.

It is recommended to visit Peninsular Road near the Maslin Reserve which has the clematis and hardenbergia wildflowers. Also take a walk in Hester on Walk Trail No.1. Here you will find donkey orchids, cowslip orchids and spider orchids.


Boyup Brook

Many orchid varieties are to be found in the town reserves and surrounding areas of the district.



Golden Valley Tree Park has a selection of rare WA trees flowering during the whole year including mid-summer while the racecourse Reserve has a profusion of late winter/early summer wildflowers.



The Kondil Recreation Park at Nannup offers an easy walking trail through wildflowers. St. John Brook Conservation Park is ideal for spotting wildflowers and provide popular swimming areas.


Wildflowers you will discover

• Donkey orchids
• Cowslip orchids
• Spider orchids
• Clematis
• Hardenbergia
• Thomasia
• Daviesia
• Hibbertia
• Bossiaea Linophylla
• Pimelea
• Blue Lechenaultia
• Painted Lady
• Sundew
• Basket and Curry Flower
• Woody pear
• Golden Shower
• Clematis
• Yellow Buttercup
• Bossiaea
• Hakea
• Native Wisteria
• Native Bluebells
• Dampiera
• Orange and red Peas

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