Margaret River Region Wildflowers

Busselton and Surrounds

The main wildflower season, in this area, runs from mid-August until the end of October. The type, location and abundance of flowers can vary enormously, depending on seasonal weather conditions, bush fires etc. Please note the picking of native flowers is strictly prohibited.

Dunsborough Area (West 25kms)

Blythe Reserve, Gibney Street. View several varieties of Spider, Enamel, Cowslip and Donkey Orchids. Kangaroo Paws, Hoveas, Yellow Buttercups.

Marri Reserve, Naturaliste Terrace. View Spider and Donkey Orchids, Acacia (Wattle), Hovea.

Meelup Reserve, off Cape Naturaliste Road. Walk on coastal track east towards Castle Rock/west to Eagle Bay. View Spider, Donkey, Enamel, Mustard, Jug and the rare Dunsborough Orchids. Pea Bushes, Acacias (Wattles), Hakeas, Hibertia (Buttercup).

Castle Rock, off Meelup Road. Head east on coastal track towards Castle Rock and whale lookout, or head west towards Meelup Beach. View several varieties of Spider, Mustard, Jug, Donkey and possibly the rare Cape orchid. Native Rose, Pimeleas Hooded Lily, Acacias (Wattles).

Ambergate Reserve (South West 10kms)

Access is along Queen Elizabeth Drive. There are 4 blocks of native “A” class reserve, with tracks through each block. View many types of Spider Orchids, Donkey, Enamel, Jug, Rattle Beak, Pink Fairy, White Bunny, Hare, Flying Duck, Blue Lady orchids. Verticordias, Swan River Myrtle, Trigger Plants, Coral Vine, Grass Trees.

Carbanup Reserve (South West 20km)

Drive along Bussell Highway towards Margaret River. The reserve is on the corner of the Highway and Wildwood Road. View Procera (Carbanup King Spider Orchid), Rattle Beak, Enamel, Coastal, Flying Duck, King in his Carriage, Donkey, Jug Orchids. Kangaroo Paws, Hibertia (Buttercups), Blue Grass Lily.

Margaret River

From August through to November the Margaret River Wine Region is ablaze with colour – the whites and yellows of Wattles, Hibbertia, Hakea, Clematis, and Beardheaths; the purple of Flags, Tassels, Hardenbergia (native Wisteria) and Fan-flowers; Red, Yellow, and Orange Kennedias; rich deep blue of Dampiera, Pinks of Templetonia and Pimelas, and Painted Ladies (Gompholobium); and the myriad colours of Kangaroo Paws, Cottonheads, Coral Vine, Banksias, and Grevilleas.

Discover the wildflowers on a self-drive or explore one of the many walking tracks in the region to find the incredible native orchids – Donkeys, Pink Fairies, Spiders, Cowslips, Birds, Hammers, Pink and Blue Enamels, Slippers.

Wildflowers you will discover

• Splendid Spider Orchid
• Cowslip Orchid
• Green Kangaroo Paw
• Giant Donkey Orchid
• Blue Lady Orchid
• Blue Leschenaultia
• Cow Kicks
• Baxter’s Kunzea
• Pink Enamel Orchid
• Cut Leaf Hibbertia
• White Myrtle
• Brown Boronia
• Pink Fairy Orchid
• Slipper Orchids
• Jug orchids
• Blue Grass Lily
• Trigger plants
• Coral vine
• Yellow Butter Cups
• Hoveas
• Wattles

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