Southern Forests Region Wildflowers


From August to the wildflowers start to bloom in the Southern Forest Region. As the weather gets warmer from October-November expect to see the wildflower buds in the dense karri forest start to open up.

Discover the wildflowers at their very best.  It is recommended to visit the following forest areas which is accessible in a 2WD vehicle:

• King Jarrah Tree (Manjimup)
• Four Aces and One Tree Bridge (Manjimup)
• Diamond Tree (SW Highway)
• Brockman Sawpit (Pemberton-Northcliffe Rd)
• Mt Chudalup

At the end of September- early October, along Muir Highway in Manjimup, lookout for displays of yellow and purple and the flowering red and green kangaroo paws.
Enjoy one of the several walk trails at the Gloucester National Park, famous for the Gloucester Tree or take a drive to witness the prolific birdlife.

The following is a list of wildflowers you will find in the recommended forest areas: Native Wisteria, Cutleaf Hibbertia, Flame Peas and Coral Vine, Wattles, Crowea (at Brockman Sawpit), Water Bush, Soap Bush, Tassel Bush, Tree Hovea, Pink Fairy Orchids, Bird Orchids, Snail Orchids

Northcliffe to Windy Harbour - Point D'Entrecasteaux National Park

Travel via Great Forest Trees Drive and Snake Gully Boardwalk to Northcliffe Park which is famous for its Hollow Butt and Twin Karri trees.

Windy Harbour, accessible via 2WD at Point D’Entrecasteaux National Park is an ideal location to view the wildflowers in a coastal environment. Exploring the wildflowers, set against a dramatic coastline is an experience not to be missed. Visit the Tookalup Lookout or take a spectacular six kilometre along Point D’Entrecasteaux coastal drive which has an access friendly cliff top walk providing grand views of the coastal vegetation.

Here you will find the following wildflowers: Jug Flowers, Bull Banksia, Rose Banjine, Granny Bonnets, Basket Bush, Cutleaf Hibbertia, Donkey Orchids, South Coast Spider Orchids, Lemon-scented Sun Orchids, Melaleuca, Granite Featherflower, Crowea, Hovea, Leek Orchids, Northcliffe Kennedia

Walpole (town and surrounds)

Explore wonderful wildflowers in and around the Walpole town site and its surrounding areas.

Here is a list of the recommended locations and wildflower species you will discover whilst exploring Walpole:

• Bibbulmum Track - Walpole Town site to Coalmine Beach – Hammer Orchids
• Township side of Knoll Drive – Bird and Snail Orchids
• Sandy Beach Walk Trail from Rest Point Caravan Park –Spider Orchids and Cowslips Orchids
• Edges of Isle Road to Deep River – Blue Lady, Cowslips and Rattle Beak Orchids
• Edges of Mandalay Beach Road – Spider Orchid Varieties
• Around Walpole Cemetery – Hammer and Spider Orchid Varieties
• Horse yard Hill Walk Trail back of Visitor Centre – Variety of Wildflowers and Orchids
• Bibbulmum Track Conspicuous Beach to Peaceful Bay – Alive with colourful wildflowers and Orchids after last summer’s burn

Wildflowers you will discover:

• Jug Flowers
• Bull Banksia
• Rose Banjine
• Granny Bonnets
• Basket Bush
• Cutleaf Hibbertia
• Donkey Orchids
• South Coast Spider Orchids
• Pink Fairy Orchids
• Bird Orchids
• Snail Orchids
• Native Wisteria
• Cutleaf Hibbertia
• Flame Peas
• Coral Vine
• Wattles
• Crowea
• Water Bush
• Soap Bush
• Tassel Bush
• Tree Hovea

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