Killer Whales

Image by Lourens Lee Photography

Seeing a Killer Whale, also commonly known as an Ocra is a privilege very few have witnessed.



Just half a square kilometre off the coast of the small holiday and fishing town of Bremer Bay is a deep canyon, quite recently discovered. It's home to the largest pod of Killer Whales in the southern hemisphere with up to 100 killer whales spotted in the area. You can witness this unique phenomenon by joining a daily research expedition that departs from Bremer Bay daily from late January to April each year. 

Image by Dave and Fiona Harvey

Killer Whale Expeditions

Get up close and personal to these gigantic mammals, which are the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family. More than a whale watching tour, the Killer Whale Expeditions are a part of a research program. By joining, you not only help to support the program but you also become a part of an important project by assisting to spot Killer Whales. During the 1.5 hour journey to the site, you can also expect to see a wide variety of marine species including seabirds, dolphins, sharks, tuna and seals. 

Bookings can be made direct with the tour operator or through surrounding visitor centres, such as Albany and Bremer Bay. Daily transfers from Albany are also available as a day trip, or you can extend your stay to include a Bremer Bay sights tour the following day.




Stay The Night...

For great accomodation after your once in a lifetime experience, look no further than Lejano Bremer Bay. Only 10km out of the town, located on the Pt Henry Peninsula with a short drive to a selection of magnificent white sand beaches and with easy access to the adjacent Fitzgerald River National Park.

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