Mt Toolbrunup, Stirling Range by Matt Fieldes Photography

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The South West of Western Australia offers a destination of diversity. Where else can you get some of the world's finest wine just a few kilometres from world class surf? Where else do hundreds of vegetables grow alongside some of the tallest trees on the world? Western Australia's oldest settlement town of Albany, is only outdated by the millenia old indigenous culture, ancient mountain ranges and underground caves. In the South West, whales compete with wildflowers to vie for your attention. Above image: Mt Toolbrunup in the Stirling Range by Matt Fieldes Photography.

The annual Australia's South West Holiday Planner is packed full of information to help you get the most out of your visit to the south west. You'll find travelling times and distances, accommodation and touring options, plus a list of things not to be missed in each region.

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Truffle Hunting in Manjimup, Southern Forests

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