Customs and Immigration

Working Hours

Customs Officers

24 hours

Quarantine Officers

24 hours

Immigration Officials

24 hours

Customs and Immigration

Passenger Manifest

Three copies at the first port of call with one copy to Immigration with the passengers card, one copy to Customs and the third copy to remain on board the ship.

Embarking Passenger Manifest

Three copies - one to customs, one to Port and one stays on board.

Crew Manifest

Two copies - one at first port of call to Immigration and second stays on board.

Stores List

Copy each to Australian Customs Service and Port.

Customs Decleration (Ship)  

One to Australian Customs Service.

Customs Decleration (Crew)  

Two to Australian Customs Service.


All forms listed above are produced at the first Australian port of call and then one copy of each form travels on board the ship to be produced at subsequent ports.

Customs Decleration (Passengers)

One at first Australian port of call only.

Port Health

Health Decleration

One (platique) at first Australian port of call only.

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