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Australia's South West is a destination of diversity...

With inspiring landscapes that attract leading creatives, a unique history that breeds cheeky characters and strong community bonds that give rise to supporting and implementing ideas from creative entrepreneurs. We live in a happening place with locals that just need their story shared.



Laurie Fraser MBE OAM & RSL Life Member, Albany.

Former SAS soldier, Laurie Fraser takes time to reflect, "I was one of the committee members from the RSL Albany Sub-branch involved with the original submission to the federal Government in 2010 for an interpretive centre commemorating the ANZAC's. Now that the National Anzac Centre is open, this is something we can look back on in years to come with pride. Albany has a great military history being the oldest colonial settlement in Western Australia and now with the National Anzac Centre being the only national military centre outside of Canberra, we can justly say Albany really is the start of the Anzac trail,"

Anzac Albany

Albany plays a central role in the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) legend, being the last port of call for troopships departing Australia in the First World War. Albany was the last place in Australia that the ANZACs saw (and in most cases, ever saw) and is therefore a prominent memorial. The first ever recorded Dawn Service was conducted by Anglican Chaplain Padre White (44th Battalion AIF) on 25 April 1923 in Albany, and has been held ever since with several thousand people participating each year. November 1, 2014 marked 100 years since the largest detachment of ANZAC troops departed Australia, many never to return. To learn more visit the National Anzac Centre.

Laurie Fraser in National Anzac Centre
Discover the history of the ANZACs


Russell Ord, Professional Photographer 

Living in Margaret River, Western Australia with my wife and 3 children for over 13 years has been one “sea change” I will never regret.  I have evolved my photography in and around the coastline of the South West and international waters. I have been very fortunate to build my passion for the ocean and living down south into a successful photography business.  I remember the first time I started to shoot from the water, it was a perfect day in Margaret River.  There was incredible light, offshore winds, glassy conditions, a crowded line-up and surfers hassling for position.  I had no one around me in the water, I could feel and hear all the elements, there was a calm and peace, like before a storm.  Little did I know, it was such a pivotal experience leading me to pursue a daily connection with the ocean.  Photography has allowed me to meet many amazing people, document moments and experiences in time that have become far more than a print on the wall and a cover of a magazine.  Adventures, memories and friendships have all transpired from the camera and living in the South West. It is an enlivening experience to live and work from a place of inspiration and passion.

Russell Ord


Blake MacDonald, professional free surfer and international DJ (Surfing)

"No matter how popular it gets there are always some really remote beautiful beaches to surf. When I come home to Margaret River from being overseas, as soon as I get there, no matter how stressed I am, when I get into the town it all eases away. The surf down here is amazing and nothing seems to have changed since I was 10 years old. When I bring friends from overseas they always comment on how friendly the locals are and how welcoming the surf culture is. Everyone is just enjoying the ocean and that has never changed. I've got a few favourite spots but Gas Bay is among the best."

Blake MacDonald Image by John Barton

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