How to Find Albany’s Hidden Street Art

How to Find Albany’s Hidden Street Art

October 3, 2023
Open up a world of unexpected art on this guided walking tour of Albany.

Art in Albany is unashamed! Out in the open, available to all any time of the day, and often overlooked, the street art in Albany is waiting to be explored.

With our friends at Busy Blue Bus, you can walk the town with a local guide and find the hidden gems of international artists that’s in a glorious outdoor gallery.

The tour begins in the early evening, allowing you to explore Albany and discover iconic sculpture and contemporary artworks by international and local artists. Find murals in alleys and integrated artworks emerge in unusual spaces in the soft light of the early evening.

The unique history of Albany is sometimes hidden in alleys and integrated into parklands. Sculptures and artwork reveal stories of Albany and the guided tour starting at the Albany Visitor Centre walks next door to Alison Hartman Gardens where local Menang Noongar language and culture is on display.

See the sculpture by Terry Humble, of a significant character in early days of settlement, Mokare. 

From here, gently stroll downhill and peer into alleys to find artwork of international artists using walls of buildings as their canvas. See diverse styles and depictions connected with the town and its history.

Where does the giant sleep? Which bird has an island named after it? Did the wind blow it away? Who painted ‘Fearless’ and where is geometric pattern? What creature is returning home? Can you find the elephant?

Walk a while with your Busy Blue Bus Tour Guide to discover the creative talent of Stormie Mills, Karim Jabbari, Andrew Fraser and local Chad Marwick and many more in the street art and sculpture of downtown Albany. Find yourself in the café and wine bar strip and choose a venue for tonight! 

‘A quick, low cost way to find the best places to eat, see amazing art and catch some history of Albany.’

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Come walking the town with Busy Blue Bus and they will show you more!

Tour Departures are every Thursday and Saturday (except all Public holidays) 5.00pm – 7.00pm. Bookings are open now for Feb 2022 – book now. Minimum 4 people for departure; max 8 people per tour. 
This article was sponsored by Busy Blue Bus.

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