Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay

Escape to your own secluded beach, where the landscape is wild and rugged. Where you can walk on white sand with the texture of silk and feel the freedom that comes with an open expanse of untouched wilderness. One of the ocean’s apex predators and natural phenomena found nowhere else in the Country.

Where to stay

Take a look at these places to stay when planning your next visit to Australia’s South West.

Bremer Bay Beaches Resort Tourist Park

A modern 4 star boutique park that’s just a short walk to the beach.

Native Dog Cabin

Luxury private beachfront accommodation overlooking Dillon Bay, Bremer Bay.

Cheynes Beach Caravan Park

A grassy holiday park a short walk to the protected cove of Cheynes Beach.

Bremer Bay is a coastal hamlet at the far reaches of the Great Southern Region, surrounded by stunning beaches and some of the most ecologically significant flora in the world.

Bremer Canyon

An amazing deep-water ecosystem proven to be one of the few locations on our planet where offshore killer whales can be reliably encountered throughout the Australian summer months. Bremer’s dive and snorkel sites have an abundance of sponge life of many different colours, formations and sizes. Bright orange Gorgonian fans and the delicate appearance of the numerous hydriods add contrast and texture to the seascape. Tube worms, basket stars and soft corals also add colour to this amazing underwater wonderland.

Fitzgerald River National Park

Bremer Bay is the gateway to the South West area of the Fitzgerald River National Park, and a visit to Point Ann is often part of a holiday at Bremer Bay. Whales are the main attraction between July and October, there are wildflowers and spectacular views year round.

Displays of the endemic Royal Hakea, (Hakea Victoria), Quaalup Bells and Pimelea physodes can be seen at the edge of the road. The Hakea is prominent all year, but Quaalup Bells flower as early as June, and may be hard to find after October.


Home to spectacular beaches and coastlines that stretch for kilometres, you won’t want to miss digging your toes into the sand in Bremer Bay. Visit some of our favourite beaches like Blossoms Beach, Native Dog Beach, Little Boat Harbour and Dillon Bay.

Bremer Bay is also part of The Great Southern Treasures.


Don’t miss out on these great events happening in the region.

Orca Season

01 January 2024 - 21 April 2024
January to early April is the best time of year to join an orca tour.

Things to Do

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See Killer Whales – Orcas – in the Wild

Ready to take a safari, South West style? Spend a day between January and April joining the Bremer Bay orca tour, chasing the largest-known pod of orca in the Southern Hemisphere.

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