Festival of Country Gardens

Festival of Country Gardens

02 - 05 November 2023
Bridgetown, Balingup and Greenbushes
Balingup, Bridgetown and Greenbushes open spectacular private gardens for an Autumn and Spring festival each year.

The Festival of Country Gardens conduct a two day festival in Autumn and a four day festival in Spring each year.

Spring colour is here and our annual garden festival returns so you may enjoy coming back to Bridgetown, Balingup and Greenbushes, to view our wonderful private gardens. Our region abounds with lovely landscapes and trees for you to enjoy. Maybe you might even find the fairies at the bottom of the gardens, Who knows!!!!!! 

As it is the goodwill of owners who open their gardens to the public during the festival, we would ask that visitors show the following courtesies:

Privacy: You are entering a private property so please do not enter the house unless invited.

Plant identification: Identify a plant with a picture to show or use one of the many Apps available these days. Please keep to paths and avoid trampling plants so that others may enjoy them as well.

​Children: Children are welcome at open gardens with adult supervision ensuring their safety and not disrupting other visitors to the gardens.

​Dogs: Dogs (except Guide Dogs) are not permitted in the gardens unless stated.

​Car Parking: Please respect the neighbours and avoid parking across driveways or where your car may damage plants.


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