Hamelin Bay

Hamelin Bay

A vast expanse of bright white sand, turquoise waters filled with marine life, and spectacular coastal cliff walks.

A visit to the stunning white beaches of Hamelin Bay is definitely a must-do! Think white sand, turquoise waters and amazing hike trails.  The sheltered bay is great for swimming, snorkelling and fishing, and divers can explore the nearby shipwreck. It’s also possible that you will spot a stingray, as they sometimes swim close to the shoreline. Many travellers are lucky to get up close to stingrays in the clear waters of Hamelin Bay. This caravan park and boat launch area is a popular haunt for the marine creatures. The stingrays hang around here, hoping to get fish scraps from the fisherman, and will often swim over the feet of wading visitors. Keep in mind that these are wild creatures, and maintain your distance to respect their space.


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