Beerfarm’s Native Series 9 Beer

Beerfarm’s Native Series 9 Beer

October 3, 2023
Great brews, tasty eats, friendly faces and good times.

Beerfarm is a favourite with locals and visitors alike. If you are yet to pop in to see what all the fuss is about, be sure to shuffle this lively brewery to the top of your South West to-do-list. 

With a 160-acre backyard of rolling green hills, this unique venue has been converted from an old dairy farm to delicious beer haven, located in Metricup, 20 minutes north of the Margaret River townsite. 

The taphouse is set within a large atmospheric space, rolling straight out into an outdoor grassed area, which boasts quite a view. Here you can spend the afternoon soaking up the sunshine, listening to some live music, all while keeping well hydrated of course! With several different seating areas at the venue, you can take your pick between the cosy corner catch-up by the fire or park yourself up at a long table with a bunch of mates for some brewskies, bites and belly-laughs.

Tip: Scheduling in an afternoon nap isn’t such a bad idea!

The brewing legends behind the scenes are forever cultivating new concoctions, with their Native Series proving to be very popular with Beerfarm fans, and a project the farm is very proud of. This series aims to educate Australians about the native ingredients in their backyards, as well as the flavour and stories that go with them, all while supporting indigenous farming enterprises.

Their most recent creation is the 9th edition of the Native Series, the Boab Nut Brown Ale, partnering with Nyul Nyul custodian Robert Dann and his company Bindam Mie to procure the ingredients for the Boab Nut Brown Ale.

The Native Series, a collaboration between Beerfarm and Paul ‘Yoda’ Iskov of Fervor, embodies a
continuous journey of passion, education, community, and the rich history of Australia. Through
Yoda’s association with Robert Dann and Bindam Mie, they’ve discovered the Boab fruit, with the invaluable knowledge and contributions of Robert Dann and his team.

The Kimberley region boasts over 3000 boab trees that have served as a source of shelter, food, and
medicine for Indigenous Australians for thousands of years. During the boab nut season, which spans
from March to October, local indigenous families sustainably harvest the wild Boab fruit. A nutritional analysis of the Boab nut reveals numerous health benefits, as it contains vitamin B6, potassium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, energy, protein, and dietary fibre. With its slightly tangy, lemon flavour, the Bindam Mie Boab range showcases its distinctive taste, making it a versatile and exceptional ingredient.

Native Series no.9 puts a spin on a classic Brown Ale, using rich toasty malts and a light sprinkling of
Aussie hop, Eclipse, to compliment the Boab fruit’s slightly tangy, nutty flavour. This brew is earthy
and caramelly, with a little citrus punch.

The can artwork alone is even worth celebrating. Robbie’s favourite painting was used for our can label this year. The artwork skillfully portrays the harshness of the country through a mesmerising array of colours. The central focus of the artwork is an emotive depiction of “home”, symbolising the heart of community and family.

Tastebuds tingling? We recommend tasting the Native Series 9 Boab Nut Brown Ale farm-fresh, straight from the Beerfarm! Head there on your next trip to the South West and find out first-hand what all the hype is about.

Native on online store: Beerfarm Native Series 9 – Boab Nut Brown Ale

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