Nature & Biodiversity

Nature & Biodiversity

With 24 national parks and over 1000km of coastline, Australia’s South West is the perfect place to embrace nature. A diverse range of plants, wildflowers, forests and animals contribute to the rare and unique nature of this forest-meets-ocean location, which is ripe and ready for exploring.

With over 1500 species of plants and a plethora of native animals in the South West, it’s easy to see why this West Australian region is one of just 36 biodiversity hotspots in the world. 

Biodiversity hotspots are areas that support natural ecosystems that are largely intact, with a high diversity of plant and wildlife species that are not found or are rarely found outside of their nature hubs. They also have 30% or less of their original natural vegetation. The South West certainly fits the bill, with its flora and fauna having evolved in isolation for millions of years. 


Almost 80 percent of the plant species in the South West are found nowhere else on earth. More than 8000 species of wildflowers and 300 species of delicate orchids bloom across the region every spring (August through to November), making it a popular time to visit. Discover these unique flowers by heading on a bushwalk, or book a tour with a South West wildlife guide who can teach you everything you need to know about Native Wisteria, South Coast Spider Orchids and more. Or check out some of the beautifully landscaped country gardens of the South West. 


Did you know Australia’s South West is a mecca for animal encounters, big and small? Spot South West wildlife – from woylies, kangaroos and brushtail possums; to blue tongue lizards, kookaburras and red-tailed black cockatoos – on walk trails, in national parks, in waterways and along the coast, or join an eco or wildlife tour for an up-close experience. 

Searching for whales and marine life in the South West? We have one of the longest whale watching seasons in the world, spanning from January to December. Catch humpback, southern right, blue and killer whales along the coast, as well as dolphins, rays and other ocean-dwelling animals. And if you’re after the best vantage points to see marine life in Australia, you can’t go wrong along the South West coast!

Natural attractions

Waterways, wildflowers, wildlife, marine creatures and more. Find out about the diverse nature experiences in Australia’s South West.
Meet the wild, friendly dolphins of Koombana Bay.
Learn the language of the whales with expert guides.
This wood-piled jetty is the longest in the Southern hemisphere.
Take a tour of stunning destinations within Collie River Valley.
Encounter some of the oceans rarest and most spectacular wildlife!
Join an informative eco-cruise on the Walpole and Nornalup Inlet.

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Welcome to Australia’s South West!

Here you can easily enjoy natural beaches beautiful vineyards, forests, caves and more, all in a single day. More than 23,000km make up the south west corner of Western Australia, with 1000 of those kilometres consisting of awe-inspiring coastline just waiting to be explored.


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