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Looking for some inspiration on what to do in the South West? Read up on the different experiences and trips for the holiday of your dreams.

Aboriginal custodian, Josh Whiteland, stands holding a didgeridoo amid the yellow glow of Ngilgi Cave.

5 Unforgettable Aboriginal Experiences In Australia’s South West

Experience the incredible indigenous culture of the South West with these unique experiences. Get hands on with an Aboriginal tour learning how to weave bulrushes, or listen to a didgeridoo in an ancient cavern.

The 6 Best Spots To Experience Astrotourism In Australia’s South West

The desire to seek out opportunities to view clear starry skies has been increasing in the last few years, with astrotourism and astrophotography a vital part of Australia's South West. Here are six of the best places you can experience your own celestial magic.
Four-wheel drive croses teh sandy dunes at Yeagarup, with the beautiful Indian Ocean in the background.

Navigating the Best 4WD Beaches in the South West

Hit the sand for a four-wheel driving adventure, with these secluded South West beaches you can drive straight on.
Two people canoe on a still lake with a forest behind them.

Top 5 Unique Things To Do In Pemberton

Discover all that Pemberton has to offer with these 5 unique experiences. From scaling the treetops on a high ropes course to a delicious breakfast of pancakes, Pemberton provides the goods!
Person in a helmet and wetsuit performing a flip off rocks while on a coasteering experience.

7 Unique Aquatic Experiences in Australia’s South West

Want something more than surfing and swimming in Australia's South West? Then try out these unique aquatic experiences that will thrill you and the whole family.

Dog Friendly Travel Spots In The South West

Take your dog on an adventure to Australia's South West with these pet-friendly options. From beaches they can dip their paws in, to the most glamorous spots to lay their furry heads, your canine companion will love these getaways.

7 Unique Aquatic Experiences in Australia’s South West

7 Unique Aquatic Experiences

in Australia's South West

Dog Friendly Travel Spots In The South West

Dog Friendly Travel Spots In

Australia's South West

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Welcome to Australia’s South West!

Here you can easily enjoy natural beaches beautiful vineyards, forests, caves and more, all in a single day. More than 23,000km make up the south west corner of Western Australia, with 1000 of those kilometres consisting of awe-inspiring coastline just waiting to be explored.


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