When to visit the South West

When to visit the South West

Which season is best?

The South West is a year-round destination and we enjoy a temperate climate with four seasons. The summer sunshine provides perfect beach weather with a maximum temperature of around 32 degrees, and winters are pleasantly cool and mild with an average of 14 degrees.

There’s an ideal season to visit for the experiences you want:


Sticking close to the coast. There’s over 1000km of coastline ranging from sandy beaches to rugged sea cliffs. Road trips with friends. Plenty of sunshine means you can make the most of your days!


Charming inland drives, when golden vineyards contrast against a backdrop of green rolling farmlands. Adventure outdoors – mild days are great for mountain biking or hiking, and the mellow winds mean surf conditions are good.


Spotting migrating humpback whales. You can spot whales from any high vantage points, or take a whale watching tour from AlbanyAugusta or Dunsborough. Taking time out with loved ones; there’s hearty comfort food, good red wine and plenty of cosy accommodation for a winter retreat.


Spotting a beautiful array of wildflowers – there’s over 8000 species in Australia’s South West. Bushwalking – the weather is mild and wildflowers add another dimension to trails.

More detailed information about the South West’s weather and climate can be found by visiting the Bureau of Meteorology’s website.

Not to be missed

Plan your trip around these seasonal showcases and other great events in the South West.
wildlife encounters

Whale Season

01 May 2024 - 31 December 2024
May to early December is the best time for whale watching and tours in the South West.

Wildflower Season

01 August 2024 - 30 November 2024
Witness an explosion of colour during spring, set against the stunning natural scenery of the South West.

Orca Season

01 January 2025 - 21 April 2025
January to early April is the best time of year to join an orca tour.


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Six seasons of the South West

The first inhabitants of Australia’s South West, the Aboriginal people, followed a six season calendar still used today. The six seasons – Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang – represent the seasonal changes we see across the South West annually. 

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Great Southern Treasures

Welcome to Australia’s South West!

Here you can easily enjoy natural beaches beautiful vineyards, forests, caves and more, all in a single day. More than 23,000km make up the south west corner of Western Australia, with 1000 of those kilometres consisting of awe-inspiring coastline just waiting to be explored.


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