Ian Daniell Art Studio & Gallery – Rajiforms & Reef Fish Exhibition

Ian Daniell Art Studio & Gallery – Rajiforms & Reef Fish Exhibition

19 April 2024 - 30 June 2024
Ian Daniell Art Studio & Gallery, 9 Jersey St, Cowaramup, WA 6284

Rajiforms & Reef Fish. Visit the inaugural exhibition at Margaret River Region’s newest art space: Ian Daniell Art Studio & Gallery.
The exhibition presents a striking selection of Ian Daniell’s bold block-colour paintings, representing two of the artist’s recurring marine-motifs: rajiform rays and schooling reef fish. Rajiforms (part stingray and part shark in appearance, with beautifully ornate markings) have become a favourite muse for the artist after several unforgettable encounters out in the Indian Ocean. The schooling reef fish too are inspired by magical moments whilst free-diving, surrounded by life and colour amongst Australia’s Great Southern Reef. The artist’s use of colour and form presents life from the underwater world as precious and decadent icons to be forever cherished.
Alongside the paintings hangs the entire Life-Size Ocean Art print collection. Seen together for the first time spanning one large gallery wall, this salon-hang is a great way to explore the artist’s back catalogue. Look out for new merchandise and new prints being released regularly from this exuberant and colourful art practice. Ian donates 1% of all sales towards a global effort to protect 30% of world oceans by 2030.
Ian Daniell Art Studio & Gallery is where Ian creates his work, the artist is currently working towards a new body of work that will shine a light on jellyfish and creatures from the deep. Follow on instagram or sign up to the mailing list to find out about upcoming exhibitions, workshops and events.


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