8 Films Shot in the South West for Your Must-Watch List

8 Films Shot in the South West for Your Must-Watch List

August 9, 2023
See the South West on show as the backdrop for this incredible collection of films.
This post was brought to you by CinefestOZ Film Festival.

If you’re spending a bit more time indoors, why not bring the South West to your screens? Check out these 8 films that were shot around the region to get your South-West fix. 

1. Drift (2013)

Margaret River Region

Starting a theme of shooting and holding its World Premiere with CinefestOZ, Drift took us on a wild ride along familiar faces – both waves and cast! A film which reminds us of childhood and un-stoppable passions; Drift is for the ocean lovers out there, showcasing our beautiful South West ocean. It’s 1972, and after escaping their brutal past, the Kelly brothers start a new life in a remote Australian costal town. Now they must battle suspicious locals, killer waves and ruthless bikers as they struggle to kick start a business from their greatest passion – surfing.

2. Go! (2020)

Margaret River Region

Born and bred in Busselton, Go! took the audience by storm with its World Premiere as a CinefestOZ Film Prize Finalist in 2019. William Lodder lead us down the red carpet as, Jack, a natural talent on a go-kart, who must learn to control his recklessness. With the help of mates Mandy and Colin, and under the guidance of mentor, Patrick, the team will strive to overcome all odds and win the National Go Kart Championship. Go! teaches us all a little about what it’s like to be the new kid in a town like Busselton. 

3. Breath (2017)

Great Southern

Breath has given away the secrets of the Great Southern that WA surfers have tried to keep hidden for generations. Its draws us in to a world of possibility and spits us out the other side unsure of the choices we’d made. Its simultaneously nostalgic and shocking, leaving us wishing Simon Baker would show off our coast once more. Breath is a story about youthful recklessness and the lengths we will go, against our better judgment, to avoid feeling ordinary. 

4. H Is For Happiness (2019)

Great Southern

H is for Happiness took out the CinefestOZ Film Prize in 2019 and has continued to enthral audiences of all ages with its bright outlook on heavy issues. A twelve year old girl with boundless optimism and a unique view of the world is inspired by the strange new boy at school and sets out to mend her broken family – whatever it takes. With incredible WA talents and magical visuals, H is for Happiness will take you on a journey out of your own mind into a positive way of thinking.  

5. Jasper Jones (2017)

Southern Forests and Valleys

Based on the best-selling novel, Jasper Jones is the story of Charlie Bucktin, a young bookish boy living in a small town. One night, local mixed-race outcast, Jasper Jones appears at Charlie’s window and the pair embark on a journey to solve a mystery that will consume the entire community. Holding its World Premiere at CinefestOZ in 2016, Jasper Jones was a Film Prize Finalist and crowd favourite with sell out sessions festival wide. Esteemed festival guest, Aaron McGrath thrilled audiences with his breakthrough role as Jasper, along-side an ensemble cast including Hugo Weaving and Toni Collete. 

6. The Naked Wanderer (2019)

Bunbury Geographe/Margaret River

Isn’t it beautiful when a romantic comedy is filmed and has its World Premiere in the same place? The Naked Wanderer opened CinefestOZ with a red carpet event in Bunbury in 2019 with a sell out cinema stifling their laughter as they followed Angus McLaren’s naked frame on a whirlwind adventure. Dumped by girlfriend Jasmine and sponsored by media scoundrel Brian King, desolate Jake walks all-but-naked up Australia’s Indian Ocean coast for charity, in the hope his worthy gesture will win back Jasmine… but then he meets mesmerising backpacker Valerie. 

7. Whale Super Highway (2017) – Documentary

South West

With its 2019 World Premiere in an immersive 180-degree Dome cinema at CinefestOZ, Whale Super Highway takes us back from the brink of extinction. The world’s biggest migratory population of Humpback whales now calls the west coast of Australia home. A team of brilliant whale experts explores why WA has one of the world’s great whale super highways with stunning South West visuals following this awe-inspiring journey. 

8. Rams (2020)

Great Southern

RAMS was filmed in Western Australia’s majestic Great Southern region with a significant level of film and industry involvement.  A decades-long feud between two sheep farming brothers comes to a head when disaster strikes their flocks.

Bonus No 9. Blue Black (2023)

Great Southern

Based on the best-selling novel by Tim Winton, BLUEBACK is a timely tale about the ocean, a beautiful marine creature, and a young girl’s power to change the world.

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