Top 10 Things to do in Katanning

Top 10 Things to do in Katanning

October 3, 2023
Try these top 10 things to do in Katanning and experience an unexpected adventure.

From breathtaking landscapes and awe-inducing natural attractions, to authentic cultural experiences and down-to-earth characters who exude plenty of country charm – find them all in the RV-friendly town of Katanning.

Situated in the heart of Western Australia’s Great Southern region, three and a half hours southeast of Perth, Katanning has plenty to offer the modern-day explorer.

For the best outback adventure, don’t pass on these top 10 things to do in Katanning:


Experience the hustle and bustle of Katanning’s Sheep Saleyards

Spanning more than 4 hectares, Katanning’s Sheep Saleyards is the largest undercover saleyard in the Southern Hemisphere. You can’t really grasp the vast size and scale of the Saleyards until it’s full of sheep, which you can see being unloaded from giant trucks and into 1008 selling pens on Tuesday afternoons, or sold during the sheep selling complex’s weekly auction on Wednesday mornings. Watch the hustle and bustle from the yard’s viewing platform, before heading to its adjoining café to enjoy a true blue, classic country cook up.


Discover unique wildflowers and living carpets of vibrant yellow

Located within one of 36 biodiversity hotspots, Katanning is home to a number of wildflower species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Visit the region in spring and spot these beautiful delicacies in full bloom. For a visual overload, drive in and around Katanning’s farmlands to discover living carpets of yellow and gold – fields of Canola and wheat that look spectacular from the road.


Camp under a tapestry of twinkling stars

Katanning’s clear skies are truly a sight to behold, especially during sunset when they become a kaleidoscope of colour – think hues of yellows, pinks, reds and golds. As day turns to night, watch the kaleidoscope transform into a rich tapestry of twinkling stars from the comfort of your swag.


Feast on multicultural delights during Katanning’s Harmony Festival

Katanning Harmony Festival

People travel near and far to take part in Katanning’s Harmony Festival, which offers a smorgasbord of different cultural cuisines in one convenient location. Feast on the best of street food delights, including (arguably) the best satay in the state, while connecting with a multitude of cultures through music, dance and live performance.


Play all day at Katanning’s All Ages Playground

Katanning’s All Ages Playground was built with big and little kids in mind. This iconic – and more importantly, free – playground features sky scraping slides, giant seesaws and heaps of thrilling rides, as well as spectacular early childhood and nature play areas. Around the corner you’ll also find a skate park, BMX track and miniature railway.


Hunt for vivid art murals hidden in plain sight

From the town’s founding father to long-neck turtles and Arabic scriptures – discover a series of colourful artworks painted on walls and electric transformer boxes in and around town. There are eight works of art, created by West Australian artists Brenton See, Chris Nixon, Darren Hutchens and Mel McVee, as well as international light calligrapher Karim Jabbari, waiting to be found.


Go back in time by visiting one of Katanning’s historically significant sites

Premier Mill Hotel

Did you know there are more than 100 heritage-listed buildings and sites in Katanning? From churches and homesteads, to pools and power houses – these places offer an insight into a town that claims to be home to many of Western Australia’s firsts. History buffs and seekers of outback grandeur won’t want to pass on a stay at The Premier Mill Hotel, a historically significant building that used to mill the region’s flour and once supplied the town with electricity. Under its roof find remnants of its past – gantry arms and pully wheels, old flour milling equipment and a large grain silo – and characters who love sharing tales of how the building was brought back to life.


Indulge in authentic tastes and flavours at one of Katanning’s ethnic food eateries

One of the best ways to experience Katanning’s melting pot of culture is on the palate. For an authentic taste of Malay cuisine, don’t miss a visit to the Daily Grind Café, where you’ll find some of the best satays, curry puffs and murtabak this side of the equator. White Gum Cafe offers country comfort food with distinctly South African flavours, while Vietnamese Café & Pho serves up some heart-warming Vietnamese phos and lip-smacking vermicelli noodle salads. At the Asia Grocery Supermarket, join the Karen community for a bowl of authentic Karen noodle soup.


Relax and unwind in a cosy underground bar

Located in the former machine room of the Premier Mill Hotel, the Cordial Bar is a trendy underground bar with a warm and cosy atmosphere. Full of stories – ask the staff about the bar’s stuffed cat – the Cordial Bar is a great place to catch up with old and new friends over a Great Southern wine, craft beer and/or a moreish bite. Are you more of a pub kinda guy/gal? Head on over to the Exchange Hotel’s sports bar, or share a pint with locals at the Federation Hotel.


Enjoy classic country hospitality at a bespoke hotel, rustic farmstay or humble BnB

Katanning is home to plenty of vivacious characters who ooze country charm. Spend some time under the roof of a country BnB, luxury boutique hotel or farmstay and meet some of these authentic characters who love a good yarn.

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